A modern take on the traditional
bedside lamp


The lamp will wake you up with a sound of your choice, and preset specific alarms
The lamp connects to your phone and delivers an algorithm based, customized sleep experience based on your settings
Dynamic lighting provides the ample amount of warm light to ensure you can ease in and out of sleep

What is a Crescent Lamp?

Scents, such as lavender, will be periodically dispensed; this form of aromatherapy has been proven to increase deep sleep

Why Crescent?

Crescent gives a sleep experience unique only to you


Hardware and software can be tailored to your needs; we enable you to define the hardware, and control it with software


Unique design allows your Crescent Lamp to be carried wherever life takes you, ensuring sleep no matter where you are


By catering to several of your senses, a Crescent Lamp is sure to easily assist you into a deeper, more restive sleep

Backed by research

from today's leading professional
“Ocular exposure to early morning room light can significantly advance the timing of the human circadian pacemaker”

- Charles A. Czeisler, M.D. Ph.D.

Who are we?

John Gao

Hardware, Design, Social Outreach

Sajan Gutta

Graphics, Website

Anastasia Chambour


Ajay Kancherlapalli


Jiajer Ho


Arun Rau



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